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Brown Elementary School Reef Cam

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1st-3rd Grade Science Fair 2017 Packet
4th-5th Grade Science Fair 2017 Packet
Science Fair Guidelines and Resources

Judging Sheets Grade 1-3  Judging Sheets Grade 4 & 5

Science Lab's Scientific Method Page

Animals and Fish in our Reef Tank


Banded Coral Shrimp

Bannerfish (Schooling)


Blue Damselfish


Blue Velvet Damselfish


Common/False Percula Clown Fish


Devil Finger Sponge


Flame Angel


Green Chromis



Hippo Tang


Long Nosed Hawkfish



Mandarine Goby


Mono Argentus


 Star Fish


Pajama Cardinalfish


Peppermint Shrimp


Purple Sea Urchin


 Scissortail Dartfish


Se Anemone (Rosebulb))


Yellow Tang


Yellowtail Damselfish


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